Stinky domme

Babi Ventura , Jaqueline
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Dec 25, 2019


Jaque was such a good slave that Babi bought her a Christmas gift this year. To her fury, upon receiving the gift the slave purchased for her, the domme is called stinky! Jaque bought her a deodorant! Ohh, Babi will now make the slave feel what is really stinky: her rotten farts. Jaque has her face imposed against the domme's ass, being imposed to lick the hole and buttocks while feeling straight in her nostrils the filth of every gas that comes from her gut. Jaque inhales, constantly kissing Babi and unable to complain about the smell. The domme also imposes her to sniff so that rotten gases reach her lungs. Yuck!

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adri ano

Dec 19, 2019

I also want "the gifts" that come out of Babi's ass. :) :)

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