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Hot farts in these mouths

Full movie length: 34 minutes Production date: Oct 3, 2018 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Demmi | Amandinha | Isabel Pack with: 1 clips
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Today the dominant Demmi is feeling gassy and has recruited two of her slaves to satisfy her and her farts. Yes, she’s super gassy and wants to have her farts smelled! While she farts, she makes the salves lick her ass deep inside. The session onde gets hotter with those two super inspired slaves that suck Demmi’s asshole, breasts, pussy without complaining and clearly loving every second of it. Demmi keeps on being pleased while farting inside her slave’s mouths a lot of stinky gasses. Come to enjoy this super hot session. Farts, asslicking, and much more…

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2414 2018-09-27 00:49:22 UTC

Superb video farts with 3 beautiful actresses but cons I do not like farts in the mouth and on the tongue. I prefer a thousand times and only farts in the nose and on the nose and farts in the face because I find it sexier and much more exciting to the point of ejaculating like champagne !!! If you did it often and several videos of this type I will be eternally grateful to you and will be ready to buy you several !!!

kelseyrosesrred 2018-09-29 07:29:21 UTC

I agree!! The farts should be in the slaves noses and faces and they should be disgusted and grossed out :)

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