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Fart on the face

Full movie length: 31 minutes Production date: Aug 28, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Lilith | Ariella Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Lilith calls Ariella to clean her room, but as soon as she enters, the slave lets out a terrible fart very close to the domme's face. Oh, Lilith won’t accept this disaffection easily! She will do the same to Ariella, forcing the slave to sniff her farts very closely. With her nose stuck in Lilith's ass and her face stuck in the blonde's butt, Ariella almost vomits several times, as the odor that comes out of the domme's noisy farts is almost unbearable. Lilith has fun and makes sure to release all the gases from her gut, which are getting longer and more rotten. Ariella's airways are contaminated by the stench, and she will surely stink of fart for the rest of the day thanks to the gusts coming out of the blonde's ass!

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mahmut666 2019-09-01 22:29:05 UTC

me gusta

idolmini122 2019-12-04 09:43:46 UTC


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