Don't mess with us!

Maria , Sabrina , Milena
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Farting
Date Dec 07, 2018


Milena is going crazy trying to find her cell phone to make an important call. Sabrina, as a good friend, is helping her to look for it. When they enter their bedroom to start looking for the phone, they find Maria laying on the bed, resting and with Milena’s cell phone in the middle of her boobs. Do you really think Sabrina and Milena would let her get away of this little joke with no punishment? Hell, no. It’s time to give Maria a smelly lesson, ladies and gentlemen. She has to lick and smell their asses, besides eating and smelling their farts, with no right to complain about anything or they can make it even worse. Taking turns sitting on Maria’s face and rubbing their asses on her nose, these two give this fool girl what she really deserves. A fart session is always a good idea, isn’t it?

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