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Bagged Farts

Full movie length: 30 minutes Production date: Mar 29, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Latifa | Ayumi Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Ayumi arrived home and Latifa started feeling a delicious smell while her girlfriend was coming near her. The fact was that Ayumi was releasing farts and she proposes to Latifa to make it in a different way today… Using plastic bags! They both get naked and share a romantic and sexy moment, kissing and caressing while one fart a lot, inside the bags, so the other can thread the nose inside the recipient and smell the putrid and amazing gas! It’s such a brilliant idea, because this way they won’t lose a single part of each other’s stench. The noise from the farts is also too loud, getting even better when inside the bag. Don’t you wanna try it too?

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