Farting bubbles

Tay , Isabel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Apr 08, 2020


Tay is relaxing and asks her slave Isabel to start the massage bathtub, but the girl ends up breaking the button. Tay then decides to make bubbles in another way, while punishing Isabel... Farting! Tay puts her ass in the water of the bathtub and begins to fart, making bubbles and leaving the bathroom with a rotten smell. Isabel is imposed to feel everything up close, sniffing each gas released, and having to kiss Tay's ass between one fart and another. The domme's asshole opens and she releases everything rotten in her gut, with loud noises and an almost unbearable smell that spreads through the slave's lungs when she takes a deep breath. Yuck!

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