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Withering belly

Scarlet White , Larissa Ramos
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Dec 16, 2020


Scarlet is so swollen that the buttons on her pants barely close. She then begins to fart a lot, letting the smell plague the room. To reduce the spread of the stench, she puts her slave Larissa to swallow and inhale the toxic gases. With her mouth open straight towards the domme's ass, Larissa lets all her farts enter through her airways, and makes an unpleasant face when she feels the taste and smell of the bombs. Scarlet feels pleasure in farting so loudly and so long, sitting in the face of her slave, while feeling her belly wither and fit again in her jeans. The domme only stops farting when she feels completely empty. Wow!

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Dec 16, 2020

Super farts from Scarlet White in tight jeans but I find that the other girl is not pretty enough for my taste and does not have a nose pronounced enough to receive farts of this caliber like for example that of Mélissa Ramos , Bruna, Saori, isabel, priscila, milla ... Because the size and style of the farts catcher's nose is very important to me for sexual arousal to reach its peak !!!

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