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Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Dec 09, 2020


Carol and Felicia drank so much soda today that their bellies are swollen, full of gases, that the girls need to put out to feel better. They amuse themselves with the rotten farts they release, until Jennifer arrives complaining about the stench. The two girls won’t accept this insult, and they lock Jennifer's head between their asses. They start farting non-stop and make the girl sniffle, take a deep breath, to feel the stench that comes out of their assholes. Jennifer almost vomits several times for not putting up with the rot, but that only encourages the girls to release more toxic gases. They even make a muzzle for the girl to use, to direct the scent straight to her nose! Yuck!

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Mar 11, 2021

i love jennifer. i want to see jennifer feet. her feet are pretty


Dec 21, 2020

Love Jennifer as the fart slave! Great farts from Carol and Felicia. Will you make another fart video with Tay or Lola Mello punishing Jennifer?

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