Flour farting

Debora Blue , Saori Kido
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Aug 29, 2018


Debora Blue gave Saori Kido one simple task: to bake a cake. Saori didn’t bake the cake and Debora got very upset about it. So she grabbed a lot of flour, the main ingredient of a cake, and spread all in their both panties and decided to make Saori smell her farts. Her farts are so powerful that the flour in her panty flies around and hit Saori’s nose! On the other hand, we don’t know what Saori is hating the most: the bad smell or the flour in her face. But after some time Saori started to feel gassy as well and joined Debora in that farting experiment. But the bossy Debora don’t let her stop sniffing her floured asshole in every fart that she throws. Don’t miss these girls having this amazing experience!

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Dec 03, 2019



Aug 30, 2018

Top 5 newmfx ever! keep their panties on the whole movie.


Aug 29, 2018

Love the farting in panties! Please, more farting in sexy panties!!!

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