Farts for the cheater

Babi Ventura , Manu Fox , Bianca Santos
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Nov 14, 2018


You are playing cards with these gassy ladies and they just find out that you are cheating! There are literally cards on your sleeve and these queens are not happy about it. But that’s ok, they know that you hate the smell of farts, so they prepared a few of them just for your punishment. It’s hard to tell which one of the three has the better ass and it’s even harder to tell which one has the stinkier fart! They are putting their assholes right on your nose, so you better smell every single one of gasses that are coming out! It’s a true festival of farts, some of them are longer than the others and some of them are louder than others, but every single one of them are really bad smelly! Are you willing to handle that farting session right in your nose?

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Jun 27, 2020

A Babi Ventura não está no vídeo. Quem é a cuzuda de vermelho que tá toda suja no início do vídeo? Ela é maravilhosa!


Nov 14, 2018

Epic fart movie!!!! All three anuses farting and winking at the camera is going to make you cum!!! Make more movies like this please!!!!!!!!!


Nov 04, 2018

On the contrary. I enjoyed imagining that I was the slave. Deal me in next time ;-)


Nov 01, 2018

This would be great if you did this idea with a fart slave like Sabrina or Gabrielle or Saori

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