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Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Dec 28, 2022


Watch in this super release, 4 friends in a super hot competition to find out who has the most stinkier farts ever. The girls will fart into Jessica's mouth and nose and she will tell the girls the wrost smell and taste

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Dec 28, 2022

Amazing clip! Thank you! Please make more with Carol Castro! :)


Dec 28, 2022

This video is really great because the casting is great! By cons Jessica is not the right person appropriate to sniff farts because she does not have the right nose! Besides Jessica and Nathalie are not very pretty and they must be released on the spot! The style of nose for me is very, very, very important in facefarting videos because it makes the thing even more exciting and sexy! For example here is a list of pretty girls with ideal noses, that is to say pinched noses and at the same time pretty to sniff flatulence full noses! QWeen, Isabelita, Lindsey, Bibi Tsunami Lindsey, Melanie Ramos, Bruna, Angel Dias, Milla Morena, Saori Bruna Paz, Catita Slave, Cleopatra ... And I go and the best! For the old Videos MFX Videos: Tatthy, Carla, Latifa, Pietra Mason, Iohana Alvez, Mara, Luana, Giovanna, Julia, Lizandra, Iris, ... and so on and the best too !


Nov 23, 2022


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