Fart meditation

Demmi , Saori Kido , Bianca Santos
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Aug 08, 2018


These three amazing girls are having some meditation time together when someone farts. Saori doesn’t like it and can’t stop complaining about the horrible smell that is all over the room. Bianca and Demmi get very mad about all of that complain and lose their temper. They don’t let Saori storm out as she wanted and they will make that stupid girl shut up! If she wasn’t liking smell one single fart, you can only imagine how she will feel after that festival of farts that is about to begin. She tries to get away but those two girls are very gassy and ready to release all of that gas right inside Saori’s nose. They hold Saori’s head in each other's assholes, they also sit in her face and scissorhold her on their asses, they even try some different positions to make that girl pay for her complain. You can see that Saori is not having an easy time with those stinky noisy farts.

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