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No ugly face allowed!

Nara Lemos , Mel
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Farting
Date Jun 21, 2019


Nara has a new slave and decides that this is the right time to teach her how to please. So, with the help of an injectable bomb and a lot of gases formed by a very heavy food that she ate at lunch, Nara imposes Mel to stick her face in her ass’ hole, so she can feel all her farts close up! At first, Mel makes some ugly faces, but soon Nara forbids her to make them and the girl is imposed to put up with all that stinking wind without being able to react. Little Mel is very scared, but she gives her best to endure that moment and perform a pleasurable asslicking between one fart and another. Do you think she will get used to the demands of this bossy domme?

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