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Leslie's new job

Chris , Leslie
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Farting
Date Jul 05, 2019


Chris is feeling a lot of gases stirring in her belly. As she loves this situation, she tries to catch the attention of her maid talking about farts, but the girl doesn’t like the subject and just continues her work. That's when Chris demands that she quit what she's doing and come and smell her farts closely. With the help of an injectable bomb to encourage stinking farts, Chris opens her ass and makes sure Leslie's nose is as close to the hole as possible so she can feel the rot of her gases at first. Also, the noise of the farts is too loud and unpleasant, but Chris feels more and more relieved and hornier with every fart that looses on the face of the maid! To smell her farts, is Leslie's new job!

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Dec 03, 2019



Jul 03, 2019

Como faço para ver as gravações? Ao vivo, onde fica o estúdio de gravações?


Jul 03, 2019

Eu amo a Chris

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