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Relaxing Farts

Full movie length: 33 minutes Production date: Dec 26, 2018 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 MARCELLA SCHULTZ | Amandinha Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Marcella is relaxing on her bedroom and using her cellphone, but a cramp bothers her and she won’t stop farting. When Amandinha, the maid, enters the room to clean, she feels the awful smell and complains about it. The more she complains, the more Marcella farts and gets excited about it. Just as a punishment for the complaint, the mistress puts her maid to smell her farts. She has to kiss the mistress’ ass and rub her nose on her smelly shorts, without telling how disgusting she feels. Marcella feels hornier with every sniff and finds more comfortable positions to free the gases from her intestines on the slave’s face. Amandinha is also obligated to lick her boss’ ass to complete the punishment package. What a relaxing fart session...

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