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Let's Play the Farting Game

Full movie length: 60 minutes Production date: Oct 24, 2012 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Vicky Andrade | Melissa Ramos | Raicca Amorim Pack with: 1 clips
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Us, the NewMfx staff can say without doubts... the best fart movie of 2012... You'll see Melissa, Raicca Amorim and Vicky Andrade in a great movie, VIcky and Raicca arrive at home with a big pain in the stomach, they start to fart without stop. Raicca and Vicky don't have the control of their asses, Melissa sees in this situation a great and exciting game. The girls start to give a lot of farts to Melissa, she decides to play with the farts with some objects. First the girls start to play with sugar, giving sweet farts to Melissa. After the girls use a lot of objects to play with the odor and the sounds of farts.

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